"It was such an incredible journey with PixelMusica for both my wife and I.
They set aside time to understand us and learn about what we love and appreciate about one another, recording every bit of it for our own keep sake in future and to eventually weave it into the final video.
Would highly recommend them for couples who are not only looking for someone to capture their special day but to make it into something more meaningful and to help remind themselves of why they chose to say yes to each other."



"We are genuinely touched by the effort Pixelmusica put into our wedding. From the hours channeled into knowing us individually to capturing the moments which meant the most to us during the actual day.

The video was one delivered straight from the heart, clearly evident of the team’s detailed thought process (down to the selection of the music and timing of overlay with the video!) and attentiveness to what we value as a couple."



"When I first saw a wedding video put together by PixelMusica many years ago, I knew I wanted to engage them for my own wedding one day.

From the start to the end, everything was handled so well - the photographers, videographers and editors they have are simply top-notch! The way they capture emotions with aesthetic flair is truly breathtaking. My wife and I are glad to have these precious memories to reminisce. Many thanks to the amazing team!"



"A HUGE thank you to PixelMusica for being our main wedding videographer. We loved the whole fun and stress-free process, from shooting our pre-wed love story to the final day wedding video. The video turned out so much better than expected, we (and everyone else) were so amazed by the quality of it. The videos encapsulated all the important moments, our true feelings for each other so well. It's a video we will treasure forever as a couple, we cannot be more thankful to the team for all their hard work."



"We were so extremely blessed to have worked with Pixelmusica for our wedding.

They captured what was truly important and even now when my husband and I look at our video (we do it quite often haha) it strengthens us in our vocation and our love for each other.

The final video completely exceeded our expectations and we are amazed at how well they managed to read our unique character as a couple, and translate that into the work they did."



"Right from the get-go, everyone in PixelMusica made an effort to understand who we were not just as a couple but as individuals as well and armed with that knowledge and their passion in the work that they do, they delivered more than we could have ever asked for and they managed to capture us both so beautifully in our element.

Thank you for your creativity and willingness to embark on new ideas with us. (We especially love our “Bus to Church” montage)"