Nathaniel & Eos

Early Valentine's Day

This couple has made 13th Feb their personal Valentine's Day since the beginning of their courtship, and they've been celebrating all their relationship milestones on this day. When we asked them about choosing a Monday for their wedding, considering the inconvenience it may cause to their families and friends. Their response was, if their loved ones truly cared, they would make it to their wedding no matter what.

The joy and laughter that filled the ceremony were a testament to the fact that every guest was thrilled to be a part of Nat & Eos's big day. It was clear that their love and bond had touched the hearts of everyone present.


Makeup Artist: Monina Galang

Holy Matrimony @The Church Of The Nativity Of The Blessed Virgin Mary

Wedding Banquet @Outpost Hotel Sentosa


"We felt the team’s genuine care for their craft and for the sacrament of marriage, and just felt incredibly comfortable with sharing the details of our relationship journey with them..." - Nathaniel


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