On top of a hill in Bukit Batok sits the Church of St. Mary of the Angels, our fifth church in the series. St. Mary of the Angels is one of the most unique churches in Singapore, well known for its utilisation of contemporary architecture. Completed in 2004, the beautiful building has since earned multiple accolades, including the President’s Design Award in 2006.

Taking a look around, and it’s not hard to see why this church has generated so much buzz. Its exterior encompasses spacious courtyards and water gardens, while its interior is high ceilinged, with pivoting glass walls allowing in ample natural light and ventilation, and of course, the famous sculpture of Christ, who appears to ascend as churchgoers walk down the sloping floor to where he hangs, suspended, over the altar.

Being both a church and a Franciscan Friary, St. Mary of the Angels was built with the Franciscan ideals in mind, honouring the values of detachment, joy, humility and the love of nature. Detachment comes with its location, at the top of a hill. Joy comes from the community spirit fostered from the interconnected buildings and open spaces that allow for interactions and activities among the parish. Humility comes from the minimalist architecture and the simple, muted colours of the walls, and finally, love for nature is nurtured from the church’s surrounding greenery.

St. Mary of the Angels is both an architectural marvel to behold, and a thoughtful, reverent building, making it a perfect fit for any wedding.

Church of St Mary Of The Angels

  • 5 Bukit Batok East Ave 2, Singapore 659918
  • For more information, do check out their website stmary.sg or contact their secretariat office 65673866.